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    • 1. My request has been refused? What should I do?
      Read the mail you received from us about why your request was refused and carefully follow the instructions on the Get started page.
    • 2. Where can I find more information about the APIs of de Volksbank N.V.?
      Go to the Documentation page and request an account for the Developer Portal (Registration). After you have received an activation e-mail and entered a user name and password, you can consult the swagger files there.
    • 3. Are there differences in the API between the Volksbank brands?
      No, the functioning of the PIS or AIS APIs of the brands ASN Bank, RegioBank and SNS are identical. You can select them separately via your application definition (if you do not want to use the group API that is also used for the construction of your Application in the Developer Portal).
    • 4. Can I apply for a Sandbox Application when my organisation does not have a PSD2 license or certificate yet?
      Yes, it is enough when you can prove to de Volksbank that your organisation has applied for such a license from or registration with De Nederlandsche Bank or the competent authority in your own EU country. To set up a secure connection via our Gateway for the Sandbox APIs, a PSD2 certificate is not yet required, but a self-signed certificate is not allowed.
    • 5. Why is a PSU, using an Android phone, requested to install a certificate?
      On some android phones it is possible that the customer is requested to install a certificate for the authorize request. This is a reaction from the browser to the possibility to use a client certificate on our standard HTTPS port 443. If the authorize request is send from a server the standard TLS connection takes care of this issue, but the browser does not. If the request is initiated from the browser of the customer, you have to use port 10443 for the authorize requests only, to avoid the client certificate question. See also our latest documentation.


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